6 Steps to Become an Escort or Call Girl



First of all, analyse yourself, your body and your looks! Ask yourself questions, such as, am I young enough to become an escort girl? Am I beautiful enough to attract handsome men? Am I in shape to do sex with good looking gentlemen? Am I able to satisfy the sexual needs of any men? Then decide whether you can become an escort or not. If your answers are Yes, the contact us.



Click some sexy photos of yours, preferably nudes and start collecting them. If you have money get a photoshoot done from a professional photographer. Then share these sexy pics of yours with us for our promotional use. So that we can get you good customers who are attracted by your photos everyday. Earn huge money everyday with new customers coming your way!



Lean more and more about sex by watching sex movies online and try to copy each and every step the pornstars do to make men happy. The more you learn the more you earn. For instance if you know how to give best blowjob and ball sucking experience to customers then they will ask for you again and again instead of any other girl doing escort job in Delhi!


Clean Up

Yes you read it right! To become a call girl or escort girl you have to first clean up yourself. So, clean up your face first of all get a good facial done. Clean up your armpits of any hair. Clean up your pussy and ass and make them free from any pubic hair. In short your whole body should be cleaned and no body hair should be visible. This is because customers like clean shaved pussies and body because they may lick or suck you from top to toe. So better clean up now then never. Remember, only clean escort girls get returning customers, and only they earn more than the dirty ones!



If you are now done with your analysis, photos and learning part then get ready for the audition. In the audition show your sex skills to one of our sex experts by doing sex with him practically in all aspects for a day. Show him that you can do all the tricks that are needed to satisfy men and then get the joining date for becoming an escort girl in Delhi, India! Remember, that you will get the joining date for becoming an escort only if you can make our sex expert happy in all aspects of sex that he tells you. So you have to do what he tell you without being shy.


Enjoy Sex & Money

Now that you have become an escort girl in Delhi you will get loving handsome men as your customers everyday. These customers are ready to pay anything for your good sex services. So you get both the things in life that any girl desires. One is plenty of sex with different diifferent males everyday and second the biggest amounts of money to spend anywhere you want. So now you can purchase that latest iPhone or go for a costly Prada or Gucci sandals and enjoy lunch and dinner in 5 star restaurants and fulfil your dreams of going abroad in luxury business class fliers!

Please note that becoming a call girl or escort is your own choice and not forced by anyone. So, feel free to ask us any questions that may come to your mind. Also don't forget to WhatsApp us to talk to us and visit our websites. The data on this website is authetic and original and not copied from anywhere. You will not get such useful information from any other source on web about how to become a call girl escort in Delhi, India.

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